College Football Recruiting Is All About Relationships: NCAA Intel Catching Up With NFL

One Florida/Georgia border company sees a huge void in college football recruiting.

They believe college coaches are missing out on players because they lack specialized information to build successful relationships.

The Blue 57 Recruiting Network is a scouting service for Florida and South Georgia.

They have built a network of psychologists, journalists, coaches, trainers, parents, and players across the Sunshine and Peach States.

“The best recruiters are all about relationships. Our philosophy is the same as the top recruiters. Our goal is to have more relationships, know more information on the top players in Florida and Georgia than anyone else, ” says Jay Holgate.

Holgate is an owner of Blue 57 and he understands recruiting from having worked both sides of the process.

Holgate spent eight years promoting players to colleges and saw firsthand how college coaches recruited and related to top players. He also works in sports psychology, so he knows personalities, motivations, and why players choose colleges.

Key Principle: Blue 57 built its Recruiting Network on one key principle: Relationships are the key to successful college recruiting.

Know the family, sign the player.

“College coaches need a whole lot more targeted information on top players than they are currently receiving. Our goal is to give coaches more personal information, so they can quickly relate to the player and family,” said Holgate. “Our information helps the players and the coaches. By giving college coaches psychological profiles like the NFL, they can filter in/out players quicker and build better relationships with top targets.”

Every year Rivals list its top 25 college football assistant coach recruiters from the Division 1 ranks. The Rivals list includes college coaches that signed the biggest recruits in the country. This exclusive group of coaches have built relationships with the top players, their parents, and their high school coaches.

College Coaches that sign the big recruits are extremely valuable to a football program’s success. Winning becomes much easier when you have better players.

Relationships Matter. Most players choose their college because they loved their recruiting coach more than other coaches. So, building relationships with families is at the core of high-level recruiting.

The Blue 57 staff spends their time building relationships at 7-on-7 tournaments, Friday night games, college football games, and summer camps. By attending year-round football events, the Blue 57 group knows the players, the families, and the network of journalist that report on the players.

Blue 57 LLC is a NCAA approved scouting service based in Jacksonville, Fl.

-The Subway Alum contributor Jake Lowry

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