2018 Claremont LB Solomon Tuliaupupu

This is a scheme diverse talent from a linebacker perspective.

For starters, Tuliaupupu is one  of the hardest hitting prospects we have seen in the Class of 2018. No. 2, the Claremont junior has displayed awareness and athleticism in both coverage and run support. To us, that suggests a complete and well-rounded approach to the game.

In coverage, Tuliaupupu displays the ability to cover the shallow and intermediate middle portions of the field. Additionally, all two levels are seen being covered by him to both hashes and sidelines.

In run support, what stands out is Tuliaupupu’s reaction to the snap, and diagnosing where the offensive play is scripted. Because of this, he ends up in the backfield, sometimes before the ball is handed off.

This is a 3-down prospect in all down and distance situations, at multiple spots on the field. We see a fit at 3-4 middle linebacker, 4-3 outside linebacker, nickel linebacker and dime linebacker.

If willing, finding a role for Tuliaupupu in special teams would help any program in that phase of the game as well.

CLASS 2018


H.S. Claremont

COLLEGE Undecided



WEIGHT 230 lbs

HIGHLIGHTS Solomon Tuliaupupu on Hudl

SOCIAL MEDIA Solomon Tuliaupupu on Twitter

SCHOLARSHIP OFFERS Oregon, Boise State, BYU, Fresno State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, UNLV, Utah, Washington, Washington State


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