Blue 57 Profile: Ridge Jacobs

Ridge Jacobs is a Division 1 quarterback prospect out of Jacksonville, Florida who plays at Atlantic Coast High School.

For Ridge, now is the time to take his energy to another level.

“I’ve been going at it. I find myself working out more. I’ve made the most out of it. Quarantine has only increased my work ethic.”

Ridge’s refined work ethic has had some major payouts already by helping him reach a new max bench press milestone. His new max of 295 pounds is a 45-pound increase from his previous benchmark.

Increasing his max bench isn’t the only goal Ridge has for himself during quarantine. He wants to become a stronger version of himself in all areas.

“Sometimes I’ll do chest one day, back another day, arms another day, abs and arms all in one day, or a back and legs routine. My personal trainer just gave me a barbell that I use for squats, benching, and a variety of other workouts such as clean and jerks. My personal trainer and I will sometimes even workout together over Facetime.”

Even before quarantine, Jacobs has always maintained a steady workout routine. “I get up at 6:45am and work out from 7:15-8:15 with just straight weightlifting to focus on my weight and muscle gain. Then I’ll work out again at 3pm, concentrating on my agility and sometimes my plyometrics as well.”

Football is about the mental game just as much as it is about the physical. It involves a support system like his parents who Ridge says are both super involved.

“My parents are very supportive of my football life. They’ve made a lot of sacrifices to get me to this point.”

When asked about his growth in the mental area of the game over the last year, Jacobs mentioned that “I used to struggle with coverages a lot. But I’ve educated myself and been more knowledgeable in that area since.”

When asked about what he looks for in a coach, Ridge said, “I look for someone who knows when to be hyped, but then also knows when to be disciplined. I prefer a coach that is like a father figure you can look up to and who’s always around when you need him.”

He believes he’s found just that in his coaching staff at Atlantic Coast, and especially in his head coach, Mike Montemayor..

“He’s one of the youngest coaches in Florida,” said Jacobs. “We also have the same energy. He and I are pretty much on the same page, and we came into the program about the same time. He always gives good advice and is a good figure to look up to.”

Another coach Jacobs admires is Denny Thompson of 6points. 6points is a premier QB training organization that works with North Florida talent.

“Denny is another mentor and dad-like figure to me. I grew up with him and have seen first-hand how he’s successfully grown his (6points) business. He was the first coach that always had my back. He’s always been there for me.”

Blue 57, a college football scouting service that analyses the personality and psychology of power 5 football prospects, made mention of Ridge’s experience at the power 5 level.

“Ridge has been around the recruiting circuit going to camps for the last couple of years,” said Kaela Harmon, a Blue 57 sports psychologist. “He talks to coaches and knows the game. He’s also played on a state championship team, been on the ProImpact 7v7 team with all Power 5 players and trains year-round with great trainers. He knows what it takes to make it to the next level. He has offers and I’m sure will get more over the next few months.

“It’s been hard,” stated Ridge. “Spring is the best time for players to get recruited by the P5 programs. I’m still working hard towards achieving this goal of mine and am trying to get online exposure. I got 3 of my offers at one camp last year, but with quarantine, I’m having to get more creative with how I get seen by college coaches..

So far, Ridge has a total of five Division 1 offers.

“I’m constantly working my butt off to get better. I’ve been trying to put highlight videos together and send them out, but I know I also need to be patient and trust the process. The goal is still to enroll early in January.”

Blue 57 scout Lucas Thorp gave some analysis on Ridge’s abilities.

“Ridge loves the deep ball and definitely has the arm strength to get it there. He also has enough power and accuracy to fit shorter throws in tight windows. He moves well in the pocket and has enough speed to really stretch the defense horizontally.”

Thorp continued on, “Ridge makes quick decisions and lets it fly. He has great touch on the ball and can put it where only his receiver can make the catch. He has great speed and has the quickness to make people miss in the open field.”

“Honestly I love when I’m in the zone,” said Jacobs. “It’s sort of an out of body experience. A love for the game takes over. It’s another gear I have. I get hyped. In the end, it comes easy to me because my passion is what guides me.”

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