Blue 57 Profile: Grant Travis

“One play at a time.”

This is quarterback Grant Travis’ mentality while on the football field.

He is currently competing for the starting quarterback for Fleming Island High School in Fleming Island, FL.

Before he takes the field, Travis’ focus is on his preparation techniques, which he believes are one of his greatest strengths.”It’s about figuring out the best way to make the play successful, how to carry out the best fake, and visualizing the smartest decisions I can make come game time.”

Travis is using his time in quarantine as an opportunity to better himself, so he is in his best shape when the season comes around this fall and he returns to his old stomping ground.

“I told the Fleming coaches I’d be back my senior year,” said Travis. “After my freshman year of starting junior varsity at Fleming, I transferred to Ed White. Going into my sophomore year at Fleming, I was rising, but there was always one guy ahead of me.”

Travis wanted to transfer to Ed White and felt like he was ready to accept the responsibility that comes with being a starting quarterback. The Ed White coaches transitioned Travis into the position by getting him to buy in quickly to the playbook and team concepts.

“The Ed coaches did that very well. This was an area they were strong in” exclaimed Travis.

Blue 57 is a college football scouting service that bases part of their analyses and reports on studying the personality and psychology of an athlete. Their focus is to help bridge the gap in relationships between players and coaches.

Blue 57 sports psychologist Kaela Harmon spoke about Travis’ transfer to Ed White.

“Grant took a calculated risk transferring to Ed White, and the outcome of his decision could have gone either way. Competitive athletes won’t hold a clipboard on the sidelines waiting for their opportunity. They want to play. This motivation to work his way onto the field is part of what drove Travis to transfer to Ed White. It was a risk, but Travis is not the type of person to not take initiative and be stuck thinking ‘what if’.”

“Overall, Grant seems like he matured a lot,” she continued, “he greatly benefited from being the starting quarterback at Ed White, which will help him make an immediate impact with the Fleming football program.”

Travis speaks very highly of the history behind the Fleming coaching staff.

“With Fleming, these coaches have been there for years and years. They have a groove,” said Travis. He especially is excited to be working with the head coach for Fleming, Damenyum Springs.

“He’s great at looking for the big picture and mapping stuff out. His weightlifting program is phenomenal, and the workouts are insane. He prepares our guys to be physically tough. I love the fact that he works out with everyone too.”

Blue 57 analyst Lucas Thorp went into detail on Travis’ development over the last couple years at Ed White.

“Grant has the size and arm strength to put the ball wherever he wants to on the field. He is cool under pressure in the pocket and keeps his eyes down the field. He has the foot speed to make defenders miss in the pocket and keep the play alive.”

Thorp continued, “While keeping his eyes downfield he is always looking for the open guy and is ready to pull the trigger to get it to him. The bigger issue for Grant is that he needed spring practices at Fleming to get exposure to more college coaches. With the quarantine, he needs great camp performances to get offers.”

Like every athlete though, Travis has been affected by the coronavirus. His situation is unique because it is coupled with his transfer process.

Travis commented on his quarantine period, “It’s definitely a big change, but I’m trying to make the most out of it.”

This quarantine has excluded workouts in practice which is an opportune time for teammates to familiarize with each other.

“I don’t get to throw with my guys,” mentioned Travis. “I was hitting up my wide receivers and picking them up. But right now, it’s just at home workouts for me.”

His at home workouts include 400 daily push-ups along with a 6-mile run. He has even taken up the infamous 52-card deck workout Ray Lewis popularized. Then, it is back to mechanics.

Despite not having his guys, or the training facilities, Travis’ game plan is to continue running through his throwing mechanics with his dad and brother.

“Every single day I keep doing my mechanical drills.”

6points is a premier QB training organization located in North Florida that have helped elevate Travis’ game. 6points Coach Denny Thompson has greatly contributed to the improvements seen in Travis’ game.

“One of the things he’s helping me to change in my game is to be a more athletic QB. Usually it is just pocket improvement, but I want to really stand out in the fall,” Travis noted.

The Jacksonville native will look to follow up with Blue 57 upon his return to Fleming this fall.

Simson Garcia is a contributor for The Subway Alum who scouts and analyzes for the Blue 57 Scouting Network. He writes on college football recruiting and analyzes athletes in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama.

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