Grant Travis — Confidence, Competitive and Charisma

The 6’1″, 205-pound junior Grant Travis is committed to the game and developing his body to be college ready.

Travis has the keen ability to read defenses and the mobility to run or pass to keep the play going.

With his talent on the field as well as being coachable and versatile, he has all the right qualities to become a successful quarterback.

Travis is able to possess such assets because of his undying work ethic. He trains with quarterback coach Denny Thompson three times a week, on top off his regular practice schedule, and understands that it’s imperative to put in the extra work in order to take his game to that next level.

Travis, who is a Jacksonville native from Ed White High School, states that, “The best part of my game is how competitive I am. I will compete down to the very last second. I want to win.”

He wants to cement his name in Jacksonville history, with a goal of leading the city in passing yards and touchdowns. The drive and dedication to constantly improve are what sets him apart from others. This grit and determination aren’t just limited to his work on the football field. Travis is also dedicated to his studies. He holds himself to a high standard in the classroom, and currently has a 3.75 core grade point average.

Blue 57 is a college football scouting company with a focus on Georgia and Florida recruits. They build relationships with players and understand who they are as people, outside of football.

Blue 57 realized there was a void between college recruits and college coaches – coaches many times don’t know the personalities of the players they recruit. Therefore, the company combined aspects of psychology and football recruiting to bridge the gap between player and coach. Blue 57 has a profile on Grant Travis and over 600 prospects with D1 offers in Georgia and Florida. Scout Kevin Hemmings explains the technical side of Travis’ game.

“Grant Travis is a well-built pocket passer with a strong arm. He can throw the ball outside of the numbers and push the ball vertically. His throwing motion starts off lower, but the ball is delivered with some zip.

He also adds that “as a runner, Travis is capable of getting up the field and gaining yards. Travis has good footwork in his drops and when he is not rushed off his base, he does a good job stepping into throws. Travis also shows the athleticism to throw off balanced when needed.”

“Grant stays calm under pressure and keeps his eyes downfield against the rush,” says scout Lucas Thorp. “He moves around the pocket well to extend the play, but is looking to get the ball to one of his playmakers before considering to pull it down and run.”

In addition, Thorp says, “when asked to run on zone reads he has enough speed to be dangerous and is not afraid to gain the extra yards he needs. He has really good ball placement on his throws and gives his receivers a chance to make a play.”

“Grant has great anticipation of what his receivers are going to do and he consistently delivers the ball to them. Though Grant is only a sophomore, he plays like he is much older and has poise in the pocket even in the face of the rush.”

“Bottom line: He keeps his eyes downfield and puts the ball where it needs to be. It’s all starting to come together for Grant. We believe his recruiting will take off in the Spring once he attends college camps,” Thorp stated.

Kaela Harmon, who lives in Orlando, FL and works in the sports psychology department for Blue 57, evaluated Grant from a psychological perspective.

“Grant Travis brings high-energy, optimism, and a blue-collar mindset to his game. He’s the type of guy that is firing up his teammates before games to prepare them for battle on the field.”

“His will to win and passion for football is so strong; he has been told by one coach to limit his excessive training so his body has the opportunity to rest.”
“Grant is motivated by his desire to make his family members proud, and be a good role model for his siblings to look up to. He comes from a big family and is appreciative of the support they have provided for him throughout his career. Whenever he is faced with adversity, he has confidence in the fact that he can ask his family, especially his father, for sound advice on how to tackle the obstacle in his way.”

Travis graduates in 2021 and is always looking for an opportunity to better himself. His work ethic makes him an asset to any college football program in the country.

Michael Mannen is a contributor for The Subway Alum and sports writer for the Blue 57 Scouting Network. Alexandria Wright also contributed to this story. They both follow college football recruiting and the impact of psychology on football in Florida and Georgia.

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