University Christian prospect overcomes adversity to flourish

Dedicated, Focused and Motivated.

These are just some of the many words that describe Darius Abrams.

The 5’9″, 175 lbs University Christian (Jacksonville, FL) defensive back impresses on the field and off.

On the field, Abrams is a vocal leader and isn’t afraid to let you know when he has you beat.

Off the field, he has been focused on his future since grade school.

Abrams lost his father at a young age and has used that as motivation throughout his life.

Motivated to do well in school, academics and life goals.

Being raised in a single parent home, Abrams’ mother took on the role of being essentially both parents.

Even going as far as working three jobs in order to put him and his sister through private schools.

Abrams even changed schools and playing position (quarterback) to have a better opportunity to play college football.

He explained how his mother’s determination made an impact on him, “She instilled in me work ethic; and that if you want something then you have to put your head down and go to work.”

Abrams has also been influenced by his uncles who are also big sports fans which led to him being a big fan of football, basketball and sports.

The adversity that he and his family have faced had him mature at a younger age than most, and its evident as a leader and as a person.

On the field Abrams is physical corner, played back up quarterback & receiver while being  an unselfish player willing to be where his team needed him on the field.

Blue 57 scout Kevin Hemmings said: “Darius is a natural athlete. He has quick feet, loose hips, and a nose for the ball. He thrives in man coverage situations and is not afraid to get physical to high point passes. He’s still developing and has solid upside. Colleges will probably recruit his as athlete, and use him where he can get on the field early.”

Abrams describes his style of play as: “I’m a firecracker. I’m a passionate guy. If you’re on the sideline you will hear me. Every mistake, every good play, I’m screaming. When it’s time to play in the game, I hit a switch.”

However, when he is off the field, he is more focused and likes to grind quietly.

According to Blue 57 sports psychologist Kaela Harmon said: “Darius is motivated by the belief that his time is coming as long as he puts in the work now.  Darius believes in making moves in silence and not always advertising his every move. He is motivated to work hard so that he will make his mom proud.”

“His confidence in his abilities reflect his strong faith and thankfulness to God for his opportunities that he’s had so far in football. He will likely pick a college where the culture is encouraging and where he hits it off with his position coach,” added Harmon.

Abrams is wise beyond his years, and has a bright future ahead of him. His continued work ethic will take him far in life and he has big plans.

After college, Abrams would like to eventually work for the fire department and work his way up the ranks.

For now, he has official offers from Concordia University, Culver-Stockton, Webber International, Greenville, and Muskingum.

Jake Lowry is a The Subway Alum contributor and journalist for the Blue 57 Scouting Network.

Author: The Subway Alum

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