Quarantine slow down gives Blue 57 scouts opening

Football Spring practices have been cancelled, weight rooms are shut down, team meetings aren’t allowed, and all unofficial visits have been halted.

College student-athletes are adjusting to online learning, and the NCAA has suspended college football recruiting until April 25, 2020.

In the age of 24-7 football recruiting coverage, college football has been suspended indefinitely. College coaches are in quarantine, players are at home.

One company in Florida is benefiting from the lockdown.

Blue 57, a football recruiting intel company, is now busier than ever. Their sales team is communicating with coaches and recruiting personnel around the clock, while analysts are interviewing new recruits daily. Blue 57 is busier because college coaches and top players are at home and more accessible. New customers have shown keen interest because no college wants their rivals to get a recruiting advantage.

Blue 57 monitors Power 5 football players through social media and recruiting websites and completes psychological profiles so coaches can understand the personalities, family background and beliefs of top players. Blue 57 knows successful recruiting is relationship based which requires knowing player personalities. Blue 57 has created 932 profiles so coaches can make the connections.

“It all blew up when the quarantine hit. We have inside scoop on the best football recruits, which is extremely valuable to coaches who currently cannot physically see players. By no means are we an overnight success. I’ve been in the recruiting trenches for a decade. Blue 57 has been getting vital intel on players for the last 3 years. We have more concentrated manpower analyzing recruit updates than most colleges do,” says Coach J (Jay Holgate), a Blue 57 scout.

Recruiting is the #1 priority to successful programs. Championships are won by teams recruiting the most talented players year after year. Coaches must assess whether recruits fit into the current culture and personality of their program. Since in-person assessments of recruits by coaches cannot currently take place, Blue 57 has stepped in to help fill those gaps.

Blue 57 is a recruiting intel company scouting Division 1 players with Power 5 offers in Texas, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee and Alabama.

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For more information, go to http://www.blue57.net , or to schedule an interview, email coachJ@blue57.net

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